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Any business regardless of its presence or absence from the online needs an identity, an easily recognizable and yet distinct element, a defining feature that defines it that makes an impact on potential customers and everyone else.
As of late and as a direct result of increasing competitiveness as well as the customers’ exigencies we have witnessed an invasion of logos and the most far-fetched ideas representing different domains of activity. It happens that you find great logos however very often you will come across outright unfortunate choices.

To summarize simply because of the market’s over-saturation and to avoid wittingly or unwittingly copying a design, creating a unique and striking design has become an increasingly challenging business.
Despite all this, by having the necessary knowledge and the help of a professional team any company can make the best of their high quality logo design.


To further this point we will present you the steps in creating a successful logo design:

1. Getting to know the beneficiary

To make sure we reflect the essence of the message that the client wants to transmit we try finding out as much as we can about the activity undertaken, where they believe they figure regarding popularity among users and customer retention and most importantly what is their goal. Therefore before starting the whole process of designing a logo, the customer must realize the purpose the logo will serve and the values it must stand for. The target population and also the personality and culture the client’s company aims for are important elements that comprise the brand image and are never to be neglected.

3. Sketching

After consulting with the customer and agreeing on the concept, our team will effectively start giving live to the logo. At this point in the process it is very important that the final result can be imagined however being unable to relinquish a set idea may prove unproductive. Being open to suggestions and ideas along the proceedings can make the difference between an exceptional logo and an exceptionally mediocre one. Surely it’s seldom the case that the finished product will coincide with the original concept visually speaking however it will still embody the values and message agreed during the first phase of this process; creative liberty and an uninhibited customer will almost every time receive a logo that they will find extremely pleasing.

2. Market analysis

We don’t want to fall short of our promise of delivering original content. When it comes to logo creation both originality and the conveyed message are the two most important aspects and are to be followed obstinately. Actually the worst technique a company can follow is using another brand’s logo as a “template”. A logo is a visual summary of what the company stands for and under no circumstance should the design of one company make you think of another brand. Moreover an important realization that sometimes comes too late for anything to be done is that a bad logo can affect the company poorly; this is the reason why upon choosing a designer for our logo we should choose someone with a proven track of delivering a unique and memorable product.

4. Product Delivery

Once the final sketches are agreed upon our designers can enter the final stages of the creative process. As we mentioned at the beginning the final result must reflect the company’s identity but also the message they wish to present. Also a logo must be both simple without being simplistic and practicable without personality. The final product must allow for scaling at any dimension and has to keep a striking effect when printed in black-and-white just as when colored. To surmise a logo must adhere to the following two criteria: an original concept and an impeccable rendering.

What conditions must a logo design fulfill in order for it to be efficient?

A logo is an essential quality of a company’s brand and along with the website and the marketing strategies, it contributes to creating a general image for the widespread public. However for a successful result of such a concoction the logo must follow these five crucial rules:


A simple logo is easier to remember and recognize. It will not transmit the whole story of a company but the one convergent idea that defines the company to its customers.


An outstanding logo design must leave a powerful impression even when you are driving fast on the highway and you are passing a banner or when you are fast-forwarding through images on your PC.


A logo must stand the test of time; keep its viability now and a hundred years from here on.

Therefore before delivering the final product, any logo designer poses the rhetorical question of his image will survive him.


Because times and technologies are rapidly changing, a logo must take into consideration that it will be used on different kinds of media and using different applications.


Notwithstanding the technical quality of the logo, if the message it carries doesn’t fit the client, it becomes useless. For example, a logo created using a childish font will be inappropriate for a law firm and more suitable for a toy store.

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