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We create unique designs, personalized according to each customer's field of business.

During the last years online presence has overcome the status of a “trend” becoming an absolute necessity at least for companies that wish to make their activity known and implicitly profitable. Despite of all this, lately the emphasis has moved from mere presence on the more important aspect of how well presented is the company’s purpose/activity and their online shops where applicable.


What does the graphic conceiving include?


1. Research

To clearly capture and accurately express the elements of each particular beneficiary it is important for both parties to meet in order for requirements to be precisely expressed in order for both view to coincide. An exhaustive knowledge of the domain of activity is the first important step towards excellence.

2. Wireframe

A wireframe is a sketch of the proposed website serving to visually present the structure and functionalities of the website. Such a sketch will not contain graphical elements or representative images since it’s not the final configuration. A wireframe is composed of blank blocks for: Menus, Company Logo, Content Sections, Search and Login Boxes.

What principles will wireframes fulfill?

Reciprocity principle: In order to increase the number of visitors and returning customers, it is necessary you offer information, services and products that are original, personalized and chiefly reflecting excellence.

Rarity principle: It’s not sufficient to simply promote a product using the benefits it will bring to the buyer. It will work to your advantage to focus on the novelty of your product/service while simultaneously accentuating its rarity.

Authority principle: The authority principle makes appeal to our learned compulsion of following a leader. In the case of services, users will choose reputed companies that know how to harvest this resource.

Consistency principle: A coherent behavior is well regarded in society because it’s an indicative of a wise, balanced individual. Therefore a written consent or a spoken consent received in the presence of others will make the individual feel obligated to respect the previous agreements, be they the promise of an order or hiring a certain service.

Likable Principle: Appealing companies’ websites must adapt to this principle, get to know their target demographics and address them in a style that conveys familiarity.

Consensus principle: A person will be much more interested in accessing a web page or buying a product from an online shop if there will be written incentives such as the one above that suggest a general agreement among users (loyal to the consensus principle).

3. Creating personalized graphics for the website

During the sketching process our team will have taken into consideration the best practices leading to a superior UI (user interaction) and UX (user experience) for both the regular user and for the administrator and/or other managing users.

4. Implementation

Once the customer gives his/her assent to the graphical concepts presented previously our programmers will start working on bringing the vision to reality. During this process our goal is to keep in contact with the beneficiary in order to ensure the delivery of an excellent, conspicuous product that perfectly reflects our customer’s perspective.

Our team considers originality to be a defining feature of a website so we will seek to take into account the customer’s preferences along with conferring a unique visual identity. We will never reuse concepts (not even remotely similar). To us every website is unique and deserves an exclusive concept that will also reflect the company’s main activity.

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