On-site SEO

Search engine optimization on-site is a set of tweaks made to the webpage, to the source code or to the structure and design it shows, that make it much more attractive for visitors.
Many SEO experts consider that this approach is the most efficient in bringing an extra kick of popularity to newly created websites that will have to shoot through to the top of the search engines rankings.

Some of the tweaks we recommend for SEO on-site optimization are: increasing the webpage’s loading time, image refining, carefully setting the titles and descriptions, eliminating errors,

optimizing the structures of URL addresses and internal links, using a sitemap, using inside your text the tags h1, h2, h3, etc.
To summarize, On-site SEO practices will primarily improve the users’ experience on the respective website. A pleased and happy visitor means more traffic and certainly higher sales.

Then perhaps the best On-site SEO piece of advice is creating content that can be summed up as relevant and reflecting quality-content that is novel and engages users rather than content that would supposedly please the search engines.

To continue, talking about SEO generally, the practices of this ever-growing domain would fall into three categories, depending on the “morality” of these practices:

  • SEO “BLACK HAT” – it mainly applies to excessive usage of SEO tactics whose sole palpable result is that websites get a better ranking without actually providing relevant content. Practically speaking the web masters manipulate the perception search engines have on their websites;
  • SEO “GREY HAT” – we can make reference to a Grey Hat practice when the web masters makes use of both approved practices and other practices that are less reputable.
  • SEO “WHITE HAT” – we will be talking of a WHITE HAT web master when the advertising gets done by improving visitors’ experience much rather than on a better positioning on the results lists. This method is the most endorsed one.

SEO off-site

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