Terms of Service

Terms of Service

100% Personalized Graphics
The proposed design is done taken into consideration the vast majority of your potential customers, the color psychology, as well as user experience knowledge. We understand design is a subjective matter, and any graphic element, no matter how many people like it, will never please everyone. Considering all this, when you receive a proposed design from us you have to carefully analyze it and tell us what elements aren’t to your liking, along with clear demands regarding the modifications that you desire. You have to remember that the design should be appreciated especially by the majority of your customers, not necessarily by yourself.

We don’t limit the revisions quantity however we will not accept any denials that are not properly explained. This way, a denial like “I don’t like it and I can’t say what exactly I want instead” will not work. Instead, an answer like “I don’t like this design because the web elements are too crowded, please use extra space between elements and also change the main color from red to green” is perfectly admissible.

Once you request for a specific thing and we implemented it exactly the way you requested, we will not modify it anymore. So, if you requested a certain button to be green and later you want it to be blue, we won’t do it. However if you desire a different shade of green we can do it as long as you provide us with the color code you want us to use for that other shade of green. Once we use that specific color code, we will not change it anymore. Also, any graphical elements once accepted by the customer will not be modified in the future.

Each and every timeframe used in any communication should be understood as work days, unless we specifically state that we are talking about calendar days. Work days are counted from Monday till Friday, except for the following national holidays stated by our national laws: 1st, 2nd and 24th of January, 1st of May, 15th of August, 30th of November, 1st, 25th and 26th of December. On top of these off days we have another 2 off days that change every year. For 2017 they are the 17th of April (Easter) and 20th of June. The execution time for a project starts the second day after the initial payment is made.

Access to source code
Access to source code can be provided only after full payment of the service and includes, without being limited to: FTP access, cPanel access, administrator account under the website dashboard, delivering a full back-up of the website.

Unwavering punctuality 100%
We guarantee we will deliver the services in the specified time frame, as long as the customer doesn’t request any modifications to the elements we create. If during the project the customer asks any type of modifications (structural, graphical, content etc.) we can no longer guarantee we will meet the deadline because new requests are coming from external factors. We could even have the situation when a customer doesn’t stop asking for modifications only to prevent us from delivering the project on time and to get the project for free, this counting as intentional deceiving. To counteract this situation, we will double the time we wait for answers from the customer and add this doubled time to the initial time frame (eg if we send the design for approval and the customer answers after 10 days, we will add 20 days to the final deadline). The only exception is when the customer provides an answer during the same day, in which case we will only add 1 day to the deadline, no matter how many emails were exchanged during that day between us and the customer.

Life-long Warranty
We are providing life-long warranty for web applications built entirely by us, as long as the application (website) we built is properly taken care of. The same as for cars, a web application needs regular updating, and the updates are much more frequent then in auto sector, simply because the information technology evolves very fast. Therefore, to make use of the life-long warranty, the web application need to be:

  • always updated to the current version, and this operation can only be done by authorized people (us);
  • hosted on our servers;
  • the application owner can’t receive administrator rights nor access to the application’s core files or raw database.

In the event that the application get hacked, although it meets all the warranty conditions, we will use the most recent back-up to restore a perfectly working version of the app. Every time there will be a certain gap of time between the moment we built the last full back-up and the moment we started restoring it. If during this time you made modifications to the website (eg adding posts, pages or images, receiving comments), they will be lost. We take no responsibility for the data lost due to the hacking event. As long as the application is web-based, there isn’t a system in the world that can provide 100% protection against hacking.

The dysfunctionalities will be solved depending on the severity of the problem. Each support ticket will be labeled a certain priority, as follows:

  • minor dysfunctionality, 3 days reaction time (small display problems, any UX / UI problem);
  • medium dysfunctionality, 2 days reaction time (certain website sections do not display properly, errors detected by less than 50% of the site’s users);
  • major dysfunctionality, 1 day reaction time (not able to register an account or place an order, hacked website).

Extra functionality
We use a wide range of premium complex themes, but the situation can arise when you’ll want something particular, that isn’t included in the default service you ordered, or you’ll want a far more complex module than then one we are usually using. Although we are doing our very best to be as flexible as possible, there are times when these demands enforce custom coding, which we are charging apart. Examples of such demands:

  • if you ordered a showcase website and you request a more complex contact form, containing 10 – 15 separate fields, it won’t be a problem, we can accommodate it as part of the default package; if you need more page templates to showcase different type of products or services, we can accommodate it too; but if you request to sell your products online using a shopping cart system, we won’t be able to accommodate it as part of the showcase website package, because this request is for e-commerce, which is presented as a separate package and has a higher price; if you request certain features specific to certain fields of business (online booking form for a beauty saloon, automatic rent-a-car system, special real estate features etc.) they can’t be part of a simple showcase website because we are displaying custom information based on specific criteria for each field of business.
  • if you ordered an online shop setup and you reques marketing modules like Up Sells, Cross Sells, Abandoned Cart reminder etc., they will be installed and properly set up at no additional cost, because they are directly related to the general e-commerce process. But if you request, in addition to the online shop setup, an online booking system, or a CRM, these are extra options that aren’t included in the regular online shop setup and will be charged apart. If, to implement a certain functionality, you are requesting a certain module we don’t work with, you’ll have to pay for that module as well as the setup.

The general rule of thumb is a common sense one: look at websites similar to the one you ordered and see if you’ll find the functionality you want. If you can find it present in the majority of websites, it’s part of the package we are selling. If the functionality is not present or if it’s present on less than 50% of the websites you inspect, you’ll most likely have to pay something extra for that. As another general rule of thumb, custom PHP coding doesn’t come default in our regular package. The reason for this is that most of the online shop setups don’t need custom coding, so adding several hours of custom coding to the package would increase the price and wouldn’t be the best option for the majority of our customers. If you aren’t sure whether or not your project requires custom coding, please contact us through our contact form and we’ll be happy to analyze your requirements.

Website maintenance
If you have an active maintenance package it means that you can access our Support Section. Any demand that is covered by either warranty or maintenance is done by opening a support ticket in our dedicated section. We won’t respond to technical requests sent via any other means of communication.

Under your account you will find specific fields reserved for adding your website credentials (FTP credentials and administration panel credentials). Even if we were the ones building your website in the first place you can always change passwords so we need to have these fields always up to date so we can avoid losing precious time.

It’s very important to provide us with as much detail you have regarding your problem, so that we can exchange as few messages as possible before fixing the problem. Also you have to open a different ticket for each issue you are facing because each ticket gets assigned to a specialized developer, and if you report 2 totally different problems your ticket will move from one developer to another causing delays in solving the problem. rest assure, there’s no limit on how many support tickets you are allowed to open.

When you open a support ticket it is being processed by one of our support agents then it is transferred to a specific developer. These operations are not timed and don’t count in the total amount of time included in your maintenance package. Once the ticket reaches the developer he will time every action spent on your ticket, including understanding the problem, communication with you, authenticating on your website, reproducing the problem described in the support ticket, fixing the problem, testing under different environments, answering the customer etc. Every time that was used to fix the problem will be available in the LIVE report within 24 hours (the report is updated once a day). Premium Package customers will receive access to a separate app where they can see real time screen shots taken from the developer’s computer while working on their tickets.

When your ticket is answered you will be notified via email. It is your responsibility to check your email address used to register on our website, including the SPAM folder, and respond in a timely manner to our questions. You can also monitor the ticket progress in our support section.

Each maintenance package has specific options included. It’s up to you if you will use what we are including in the package. Just keep in mind that not using everything doesn’t entitle you to request a (partially) refund.

Our services are custom-ordered services, 100% in house provided. Same as a factory, we have a specific production capacity per day / week / month and, because we never contract more services than we can provide, there’s a good chance that, after taking your order, we would stop taking any new orders for some time. If you were to cancel and get a refund we would lose the customers we turned down based on your order, and this would mean a direct loss for us.

For maintenance packages, for each X hours ordered by customers we are “blocking” some of our personnel so that they are available for maintenance requests. So, as soon as you are ordering a maintenance package, we are organizing our team so that we can provide you with timely answers. Even if you don’t open any support ticket, we already have expenses with the developers being booked for several hours. So, even if you don’t use the hours we included in the package, we have the same expenses as when you are using the included hours with support tickets.

Considering all this real possibilities we can’t offer any refunds. However we are flexible and customer-oriented and if you ever find yourself in a delicate situation regarding the services provided please email our Customer Care Department at cc@logic-ecomsol.com. This email address replies only the emails regarding the quality of our services. For any technical issues please use the Support Section.

Project Management
Each project is assigned to a Project Manager who will keep in touch with the customer. Under no circumstances will the customer be connected directly to our production personnel.